Video: Copa America: Mexico 2 Ecuador 1

Nery Castillo scores again from a sweet pass by Rafa Marquez. Omar Bravo heads off a perfectly placed cross as Ecuador commits its players forward. Mendez pulls one back but Mexico are the first team into the Copa quarterfinals. In doing so it proves me absolutely wrong and I would think many others. Mexico is proving to be the surprise package in this tournament minus many in its starting line up. (Omar Bravo’s goal here and Mendez’s here)

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One comment on “Video: Copa America: Mexico 2 Ecuador 1
  1. Ah, great rush from the Ecuadorian goalie. He inspires great fear into his supporters’ heart with weak deflection ability (due to his ballerina sized figure) and irrational rushing. I congratulate the Ecuadorian defense on another poorly played game.

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