Adu’s departure should serve a cautionary tale

While talented MLS players will always be a target for European clubs, there has been very few players who have singled them out so avidly like Freddy Adu. It is telling that Adu reserved his best for the U20 squad and came to the attention of Benfica following his stellar tournament. But his MLS career turned out quite humdrum. First with DC United where he ran afoul with disciplinary issues under Peter Nowak and then at RSL, where he frankly looked like he was sleep walking. One goal in 900 minutes of play. You could see where his priorities lay and it was not the MLS.
So here we have Beckham who is brought in as a symbol of a resurgent MLS, whereas Freddy Adu is backpedaling as fast as he can to Europe. Another example of a mixed message.

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One comment on “Adu’s departure should serve a cautionary tale
  1. Freddy is not a winger, his talents were not utilized by either MLS team (DC or RSL), his U-20 performance showed us that. We all know he could’ve tried harder, he threw in the towel on the league after his fallout with Nowak. He’ll develop into a fine CAM/FW at Benfica. I truly hope that Altidore and the rest of the U-20 team follow Adu’s lead. MLS will never be a place for a young player to develop, the investment in proper training programs and facilites just isn’t there.

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