Deep thoughts by Marco Materazzi

So Marco Materazzi decided to reveal in his yet to be released autobiography what he actually said to Zidane. He after all has to sell his book which probably is a pop up book with graphic pictures of him mowing down players. After all this is Materazzi!
And I have heard worse. Its a schoolyard taunt. PG-13.
Materazzi’s book is out on August 30th.

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2 comments on “Deep thoughts by Marco Materazzi
  1. Against Slovenia in what I am sure is a rare homeloss; towards the end, a Slovene is on his stomach and it’s a foot right up the tail end between the legs of the player from Materazzi. Henry claims and maybe it is moaning that Cannavaro might have been trying to hurt him in defending him, in fact, did not Henry go out in that game. So, I don’t think it is easy to dismiss whatever verbal abuse Marco was doing on the pitch that day.

  2. Frankly, Shourin, I don’t believe a word Materazzi says. I don’t think we still know to this day exactly what he said to zidane, or if zidane himself told the complete truth. Zidane’s headbutt is the best thing to ever happen to Materazzi–he’s milking it for all it’s worth.
    And yes, Tucker, it’s pretty clear Cannavaro was out to injure Henry. Cannavaro is some sort of saint for some people but he’s known for very brutal tackles.

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