Earth to Mo Johnston: The MLS is not that hectic

In early October the Galaxy will also play friendlies against the Minnesota Thunder and the Vancouver Whitecaps of the USL First Division. Even though the setup does maximize Beckham’s star power, the schedule’s hectic enough to evoke sympathy even from Toronto head coach Mo Johnston.
“You’re asking too much for a person to come into a new country, a new climate, and come in and play all those games,” Johnston said.
I have no idea what Mo Johnston is talking about. This is Beckham who has played in the most rigorous league in the world, the Premiership with 38 matches in the season, a number of pre-season friendlies, the FA Cup, the CL matches, and during the time of the Euro or the World Cup, the qualifiers and finals, all added up could mean 75 matches for a player. In one week, depending on the FA, Premiership, CL and UEFA schedules, a club like Man Utd can end up playing three matches a week.
I don’t think Florentino Perez was especially concerned when Beckham came to Real in 2003, whether he liked the schedule, the weather, or paella. At 35m euros you were expected to play.
You can expect sympathy for his ankle on which the US soccer has vested its future but don’t try and build up the MLS in its intensity, a langorous schedule that allows Beckham to attend all the parties and mixers that Posh wants.

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