Foul on Beckham leads to chaos

Jesse Marsch fouled Beckham from behind in the Chivas USA vs Los Angeles Galaxy game and chaos ensued.The scrap that ensued included a head butt and the ref had to dole out 2 red cards to bring dignity and decorum back to the proceedings.The video says it all.

Galaxy lost the game 3 – 0 eventually.
And here’s another breaking story on Beckham.Scientific research on the locomotion of prehistoric life has revealed that David Beckham cannot run faster than a dinosaur…even if it happens to be a relatively slow one like a Tyrannosaurus Rex…!

2 comments on “Foul on Beckham leads to chaos
  1. I haven’t watched that much MLS, but when I do it seems like Beckham has a target on his back. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he makes 50 times what the guy who hacked him does. Or maybe it’s that Beckham’s wife is 50 times hotter than the fouler’s wife haha

  2. Kevin Hartman, pudgy bleach blonde goalkeeper who spent 10 years with the LA Galaxy was traded to the KC Wizards ( 3 weeks ago. He had an average 1.14 goals scored against him last year. Cannon may well fullfill his role as goalkeeper, but I think LA obviously missed his presence in that 2nd half total collapse. I’d still mark Beckham’s performance last night as 6 or 7, there was no one to finish his passes or corners. The Galaxy can positively take from this season if they can take the SuperLiga Championship scheduled for August 29.

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