Jens Lehmann should be benched

Jens Lehmann is playing like as if his mind is elsewhere. Entirely too casual. Man Utd is struggling and suddenly the Premiership is wide open with clubs like Man City and Wigan shockingly on top. Arsenal could have come away with full points against Blackburn but Lehmann committed another costly blunder.
The last thing you need is a blundering goalie in a club that is going to have a bit of a struggle cobbling together goals. The margin of victory will be slim at best. Two blunders and two goals. Arsenal was able to pull its way through against Fulham but against tougher clubs it will be a more uphill battle. There is one way to do this. Bench Lehmann and give Lukacz Fabianski a start.

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9 comments on “Jens Lehmann should be benched
  1. The keeper has to go. 2 silly blunders in 2 games – just unthinkable for a “toprated” experienced international goalkeeper.

  2. never post a comment based on passion, two errors,two goals,very true but has he not saved our hide alot?You bench players based on form not on errors.A hairdryer approach should be a start. :)

  3. Enough is enough!!!
    Lehmann (soap fingers) should NOT be the number one goalie anymore. Almunia and Fabianski is much better than that fucking kraut! Wenger should come to his senses and bench Soapy. I’m sure we’ll see Either Almunia or Fabianski next match

  4. totally true
    its butterfingers
    but the ball came out the post as well when i though lehmann will get away with it
    he might as well use his head to clear it next time
    yea give almunia or new boy a start
    almunia looks good in the preseason matches

  5. Why did we buy a keeper to sit in the reserves?? Give Fabianski a chance if he’s good enough – if he’s not, let’s get another keeper… we’ve still got 2 weeks.

  6. Sent that oldfox away.Those who know Lehman When he was playing with Dotmond in Gsrmany will not be surprise.
    Wenger benched lehman.I think last time that he was benched he came back very strong and that end him a place at the world cup

  7. The mad German has to go!
    End of story!
    A. He cost us the Champions League.
    B.He’s too old for this young team, they need a keeper to build relationships with.
    C. He’s rubbish anyway and obviously out of form.
    D. The referees all hate him and will punish him any chance they get, and they will get a chance ‘cuase he’s way to fiery.
    At least bench him till his form is back if we are going to be stuck with him. Personally i’d like to see some of the “massive” kitty spent on a world class keeper if the new guy isn’t better. By the way, if he aint better why buy him?

  8. Am already so tired of Lehmanns’ mistakes. He should realise quickly that he is costing the team very crucial points.
    At this moment in the premier league, you lose a point and you are done, ask manchester.
    I would not urge Wenger to bench him now, but to make him realise that he is paid not to allow opponent to score like they are doing, they should create goals and score all by themselves, and not to be handed easy times.

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