Poor refeering keeps Man Utd alive

TV replays should be instituted. Right away. It solves the problem of injustice being done to teams.
Two chances and Berbatov was involved on both occasions. In the first instance, he was brought down by Vidic as the ball continued to roll towards goal only to be booted out by Rio Ferdinand. Then Berbatov’s shot was parried away by Wes Brown’s arm. Two penalties might have sealed a Spurs win. Not to take away from Nani’s superb strike but this game became about justice denied.
Gareth Bale is a find. His corner taking is on target and he constantly forays forward. His pass led to the Berbatov chance.
The question is whether the Spurs board that was watching the match consider the result within the margin of safety for Jol and that the penalties that were denied extenuate his shaky circumstances.

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3 comments on “Poor refeering keeps Man Utd alive
  1. First icident was identical to the Malouda/Finnan incident last week, since when is it a penalty when a striker jumps into a defender? Come up with an answer to that and I’ll show you a green dog.
    Second incident is a non starter when you watch the replays that you’re banging on about. Jamie Redknapp agreed that the ball struck Wes Brown’s chest during his post match analysis, whilst watching slow motion replays.
    I suggest you gather all of the required information and actually watch the match before you write frivolous articles in the future.

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