Video: Robinson’s blunder against Germany

K. Kuranyi
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Robinson’s poor goalkeeping lets Germany back into the game through Kuranyi. Before that Lampard puts England up after a nifty run by Micah Richards. However, Pander seals the deal for Germany with his cracking left footer.

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One comment on “Video: Robinson’s blunder against Germany
  1. the english have,when taken from top to bottom, the strongest league in the world, by a country mile. due to this, the top english players, the ones who push for their national team, play, week in week out, against alot of the best players in the world. Most memebers of englands squad would make it into most teams, anywhere on the face of the earth, it isnt like you v got a dirth of talent, or a mediocre squad with a few stars in it(a la euro ’96). Your manager got to a euro cup final once, with middlesborough, and the secondary euro cup at that. How is it possible to put a manager of this quality in charge of players of much greater quality? And if such experimentation is the call of the day, why not harry redknapp, for eg? As a welshman, i feel great sorrow for my british counterparts in england, greatest league, highest number of great players in their squad, but ruined by the sort of ‘jobs for the boys’ mentality that is more at home in the upper echelons of the WRU, and certainly should hold no place in the country that birthed the beautiful game. To my mind it is hilarious that the wales squad get john toshak, a superb player and giant of the spanish game in manegerial terms(copa del rey; winner 1987 runner up 1988, 1990/la liga;winner 1990/supercopa del espana 1995, and thats just as a manager) and england get mclaren(uefa cup finalist), its a travesty, the man has no understanding of the quality that surrounds him, so what other result could there be from this situation but below-par performances. Get im out, and shoot robinson while ur at it no better keepers? 5 words-carson, green, hell even james!

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