A buncha Yanks take on Spurs

Fulham meet Spurs in what is shaping up to be one of the most important matches in Martin Jol’s career. If the Spurs were bottled up by near misses and dubious referee decisions in their Man Utd encounter, then Fulham could be the enema that the doctor ordered.
Expect the Spurs to come out like gangbusters. In their path, the Cottagers Yank squad with Kasey Keller taking over from Tony Warner, will have to be extra sharp. Dempsey will have to maximize attacking options with Brian McBride out for two or more months and Carlos Bocanegra will have his hands full with Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane. He will also provide Fulham’s aerial threat in spot situations.
Update: Ye Gods! Its Antti Niemi in goal and he just botched gathering in a Gareth Bale corner gifting Spurs a goal.

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2 comments on “A buncha Yanks take on Spurs
  1. Good bye martin, good luck in your next job your going to need it. everyone Defending outside our own area as soon as we take the lead. Good riddance.

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