Bobby Charlton bashes Posh

I started laughing when I saw this one: “Bobby Charlton says that Victoria hurt Becks’ career…”
The male chauvinists out there can claim that history is repeating itself – I mean look what happened to Sampson and Delilah, John and Yoko, and now Becks and Posh.
What would he prefer? That Beckham ends up like Georgie Best?
Bobby Charlton didn’t have to deal with the pressure the way Beckham had to. It’s just not fair to make these types of statements in public. What does it serve anyway? Maybe he’s just a bit hacked off by all the $$$ Beckham’s reeling in.
Shut up, Sir Charlton.

One comment on “Bobby Charlton bashes Posh
  1. He was trying to sell a book, and mentioning Beckham’s name is always a handy way to ensure headlines across the internet and international media. Low.
    No matter what, note to Sirs Charlton AND Ferguson. Not ok to say those kinds of things about a man’s wife, in public as you say.

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