Brazil vs USA: Kaka finds himself back in Dunga’s favour

Kaka will start the game for Brazil when they meet the USA at Soldier Field, Chicago. I really don’t think Dunga can do without Kaka at this point if he wants to really nail the big European powers. Dunga has an impressive 13 wins and just the two losses since he began as manager but this accomplishment is the result of a very impressive and sustained defensive effort and not the attack which remains ragged and inconsistent. Kaka creates chances and as an attacking midfielder he stands out with his goalscoring with 23, second only to Ronaldinho.
At the Copa America final, one thing was evident, it was not the Brazilians that won as much as the Argentinians lost. Juan Roman Riquelme chose the final match to turn nondescript and the Veron Riquelme combination ran aground with too many ineffective and misdirected passes. On the other end Gaby Heinze and the somnolent Argie defense made Alves and Vagner Love look very good.
The Copa America final although one sided does not indicate Brazil has recaptured its once invincible status. Elano is Dunga’s footsoldier but he is a little short in the creativity department. I think Elano is technically sound and creates that essential link between defense and offense but even in the Man City games it is quite clear that Martin Petrov is a far more creative player creating more chances.
Without Kaka, this Brazil team will have problems breaking down physical and fast defenses consistently. This was quite evident against Copa America teams that actually played them hard like Mexico and Ecuador. So although Kaka is not exactly Dunga’s ideal player he is one of the last remaining vestiges of the sort of creativity that Brazil has used before to establish themselves against the Europeans.

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3 comments on “Brazil vs USA: Kaka finds himself back in Dunga’s favour
  1. The statement “Brazil didn’t win but Argentina lost the Copa America” points to your prejudice against Brazil, which does not surprise me, coming from you. Look at it another way, if you can, if Argentina lost is because Brazil played better and crushed their “good” game. A inveja maldita dos imperialistas norte americanos–sempre ilimitada. FB

  2. You are right Argentina really lost that final. Argentina’s strategy of attacking with all players left the door open to the always dangerous brazilian counterattacks and a brazilian goal in the first minutes followed by a second own goal closed the game.

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