Grim faced Jol faces further questions

Diomansy Kamara did the Spurs in with his highlight bicycle kick to equalize for the Cottagers. But the Spurs did themselves in with their mental lapses. You can’t quibble with talent like Gareth Bale and Berbatov but this Spurs team seems to make it hard on themselves as they struggle to finish off games despite dominating the stat sheets.
Breakdowns occurred in set pieces that call for man to man marking and attention to detail. Dempsey and Kamara got their goals through these situations. Smertin’s goal was through a serendipitous deflection. But when you know that you are going against luck, these mental lapses really come back to bite.

8 comments on “Grim faced Jol faces further questions
  1. jol lost us this game with his pathetic substitution…why did he take off Robbie keane.that was our downfall…jol out now.. god help us against the goons…

  2. its about time Robinson was rested, not only for his own good but the good of the team. MJ has the tactical know how of sheep, without his wolves clothing.And as for today, any follower of spurs would not have expected any diffrent. It has been happening almost every game for the past two years. 10 / 15 min to go, the defence folds and any strike on goal results in a goal. Training, Tactical, and a goalkeeper who cant command, catch or position himself. I could go on……..

  3. The substitution of a midfielder Malbranque for a Defender Dawson, shows the negative tactics. The Fulham defence could have let in more goals, but out tactics or lack of them had us defending and the rest is history.
    Jol is a good guy, but poor and negative tactician.

  4. Despite the fact that pretty much every pundit agreed Jol’s change was the right way to go as Fulham had 4 strikers on and a centre back up front. Shows how little attention we pay to the facts when it comes to the changes Jol makes. You’re all clueless.
    And taking a striker off doesn’t somehow make you concede a deflection and a goal from a set piece.
    You guys should fight crime, seriously. The powers of deduction are second to none.

  5. The subs don’t matter, the fact we aren’t dealing with simple marking at set pieces is the problem. And we had more than enough chances to finish them off. Late goals against us would be irrelevant if we put all our good chances away.
    The performance was still mostly good and Jol will get it right, give him more time, i’m fed up with the fickle fans who forget what things were like before him

  6. Jol needs to go. Once again he mucked it up. It easy to blame the defence but can anyone tell me how many tackles were won in the center of the midfield. Jenas and Hudds combined must be the worst pair matched up in the premier league. Our best tackler sits on the bench and he is our quickest by far, yet he sits on the bench. For any dumbarse doesnt know who i am refering to it is ZAKORA. Furthermore I cannot believe we have extended Jenas’s contract, what the hell is going on, the bloke is absolute garbage. Jol must go the guy is an abolute ediot with no clue on the game. Mr Levy do your job and be a man get rid of the useless twat, some of the best managers in the world are available, go and get them please!!!!!!

  7. Once agian thanks to JOL not having a clue we are robbed of points……I know the lads had a couple of lapses but they did at least create some chances this week.
    Could not agree more about Robinson….Cerny is a great keeper and was fantastic pre season……Robbinson is becoming a tactical nightmare. Jol out now….please save our Spurs.
    Oh….and before all you guys who are still wetting their pants because of 2 fifth places start… is fans like you that just accept mediocrity that we are being held back… don’t remember the great Spurs teams of the past and with your childish mis-informed views about Jol are holding us back!….PLEASE go support some other teams that are just happy to hang around mid table…real Spurs fans want more…..Get rid of the useless shit Jol now. What a tactical donkey!!!!!!!

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