Peter Hill Wood to Aleshir Usmanov: We need no bailout

It was refreshing to hear Peter Hill-Wood on the possibility of holding talks issuing this smackdown of David Dein. Mihir Bose, BBC’s sports editor reports.
“I see no major point in that, I’ve had 25 years of listening to him,” the Arsenal chairman told me.
Hill- Wood also believes that there will be a correction in the present over valuation of players as owners who have plowed hundreds of millions of pounds into their new clubs want a return on their investment. And when that happens Arsenal will be at the right place and at the right time.
“We have always run Arsenal as a business and kept within reasonable bounds.
“All this nonsense about needing a billionaire to put a whole lot of money in to help shore up the annual deficit is not going to happen – it’s lunacy.”
Its like the overheated art market that will soon cool as buyers realize that there are only a few genuine artists that truly command record prices. Everything else is jump on the bandwagon stuff.

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