Bicycle kick of the week prize

Taylor Twellman of New England Revolution scored this against Chicago Fire.The video can be viewed here.A pretty good bicycle kick- the goalie didn’t have a chance and one of the defenders almost got his head kicked off as well.That’s a good goal and surely worthy of the bicycle kick of the week prize.Ryan Babel of Liverpool also scored two interesting goals this week – namely the two goals he scored against Besiktas – one was a back heel and for the other he didn’t use the heel at all,he just used his back…!

One comment on “Bicycle kick of the week prize
  1. i was at the revs-fire match, actually. that goal caught the entire stadium by surprise. it never occurred to anyone at the time that it might have been a high boot, but this match was a rare example of really solid refereeing in the mls. in the case of the goal, they were more in line with the spirit of the rules rather than the letter (the defenders weren’t in much danger). and better still, the diving cuautehmoc blanco was fed a few crumbs, but mostly unsatisfied. yellows were handed out sparingly. having seen so many fiascos in the mls, this was a pleasant change.

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