Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers

We celebrate the day when Manhattan was sold by the American Indians in exchange for goods worth $24. They now live in reservations and build casinos so that white folk can assuage their guilt by losing money.

2 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers
  1. Hear,hear. Thanks for having the courage to post that. I’m sick of these ‘holidays’ that celebrate/gloss over historical injustice.

  2. Well, i’m not sure if the sale of Manhattan also happened that day, but originally, Thanksgiving was a day where the pilgrims and native Americans decided to get along (i grew up in Plymouth, Mass., and didn’t hear the end of it; ironically, they are building a casino not far away now). Of course, the former totally betrayed the latter after that, but even today, it’s still a holiday that primarily brings people together, and that’s not a bad thing.
    But after today, it’s a nightmare of hyper-consumption.

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