Liverpool go goal crazy

Besiktas are the champions of Turkey.Liverpool made them look like turkeys.The final score was 8- 0 in a game that was supposed to be make or break for Liverpool as far as staying in the CL was concerned.Goals below and a good writeup here..

One comment on “Liverpool go goal crazy
  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but don’t put down Turks by calling Besiktas the Turkish champions. Last year Fenerbahce were the champions and this year Galatasaray has been in first the entire season. Besiktas’ last championships were in the 02/03 and the 94/95 seasons. The 3 giants of Turkey has been cut down to the 2 giants lately as Besiktas are no longer as big of a team, so please don’t degrade Turkey by considering them as our best.
    1993-1994 Galatasaray
    1994-1995 Beşiktaş
    1995-1996 Fenerbahçe
    1996-1997 Galatasaray
    1997-1998 Galatasaray
    1998-1999 Galatasaray
    1999-2000 Galatasaray
    2000-2001 Fenerbahçe
    2001-2002 Galatasaray
    2002-2003 Beşiktaş
    2003-2004 Fenerbahçe
    2004-2005 Fenerbahçe
    2005-2006 Galatasaray
    2006-2007 Fenerbahçe

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