McLaren impressed by Becks form against Hollywood stars

McLaren recently paid a visit to Becks and Posh’s lavish Hollywood estate. No words were exchanged as McLaren observed Becks playing a game of Twister with Posh. His ankle looked fine. In the afternoon McLaren watched Posh’s cocker spaniels getting a manicure and then enjoyed a wine cooler basking on their sun deck.
In the evening he drove Becks SUV to O’Conell’s and watched the LA Galaxy play a charity match against Hollywood United. A cam monitored Becks ankle constantly. It looked fine. McLaren had three flagons of Newcastle ale and chicken wings. It cost him 10 quid.
How about that ankle injury?
“I checked on hish injury, the injury ish fine” said McClaren.
More on the match. Beckham’s performance was very encouraging as he scored two goals and assisted in three others. In between he took a hefty swipe at 38 year old Frank Lebouef and argued vehemently with the referee against a penalty call. He played 80 minutes which was 67 minutes above average for him against a team whose average age approached 40 years. He showed he was match ready against the likes of Anthony La Paglia who looked very hard nosed in goal. A hawk eyed make up man checked constantly for nose hairs and beads of sweat. Cobi Jones and Landon Donovan played too and Becks gamboled with them looking like a dewy eyed school kid.
His vigorous display impressed Steve McLaren who decided to choose Becks for the England squad against Croatia which puts him closer to the century mark in international caps. As per McLaren this has little to do with sentiment and more to do with form.
“David Beckham is an important player for England, always has been, and he will be again.”
How about David Bentley’s form?
“Yeah, I think he plays for Blackburn. Its in the north. You know its hard to keep up with young talent when you don’t have Setanta or an Oyster Pass. Its a pity but the pound goes a long way across the pond.That’s the way the cookie crumbles. He! He!”

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