Pele on Beckham and why McClaren shouldn’t be blamed.

One of the perks of being a living legend of the game is that you are allowed to have strong opinions.Here are a couple.Pele believes U.S. fans were misled about what David Beckham could bring to Major League Soccer.: ‘They announced him [ to the American public] as a scorer of goals. He isn’t a goalscorer – that was a mistake.’
Beckham’s reply :” The Galaxy brought me in because I’m a football player. Everybody in the world knows I’m not a goal scorer.Everyone has their own opinion. Pele is a great player and a great ambassador for the game.”
Pele also contends that England is too quick to blame its managers for underachieving – instead of admitting that the soccer-mad country is starved of talent.”England has few very good players.When those players get injured in a tough, long tournament they don’t have a player to replace them – that is the big problem in England.Unlike other countries, Brazil in particular, you don’t have many choices when either players are off form or not playing well.”

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