Reaction to the England loss: An NFL reference

Nice. I think the NY Giants vs Miami Dolphins game played at Wembley should be singled out for the sorry state of English soccer. How can you allow 300 lb linebackers to trample the turf into trenches such that only Peter Crouch’s head is visible?
“Let’s not just blame the weather for the outcome, though. Let’s also blame the NFL. It hardly helped that the Wembley pitch had recently been churned to a puree by a bunch of American heavies in helmets. The more it rained, the more the gridiron lines began to emerge beneath the grass. Suddenly it was second and down at the Croatia 20-yard line. Say what you like about the wisdom of playing Peter Crouch on his own up front, but he rushed an impressive 45 yards in that first quarter, bringing his career total in Wednesday night football to 126 yards.” _ Times of London writer Giles Smith.
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And Nico Kovac says he could beat England with one foot tied.

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