Ronaldo does a Cantona

Mark Ogden writing in the Telegraph compares Cristiano Ronaldo to Eric Cantona after he scored this amazing injury time freekick to take Manchester United to a 2 -1 victory over Sporting Lisbon.Ronaldo’s post goal celebration was “pure Cantona” – the knowing look and the shrug of the shoulders.The only thing missing was the upturned collar.Take a look at the goal and Ronaldo’s Cantona impersonation and compare it to the real thing in this youtube clip here.. showing the original Cantona celebrating a goal.

2 comments on “Ronaldo does a Cantona
  1. Cantona’s goal was better. Why? Ronaldo beat a goalkeeper who was cheating to his right on a dead ball whereas Cantona beat a goalkeeper with a wonderful piece of skill during the run of play.
    As a result of the quality of the goal, I’m going to have to reward Cantona’s celebration with my vote.

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