Jose Mourinho: Why not? A step closer to managing England

Just saw Jose Mourinho on Sky Sports categorically saying “Why not?” to being asked if he wanted to be England manager. He was in Portugal at the time despite rumours that he was in England being interviewed by the FA for the England job. Mourinho as if auditioning for the job also said that the next coach should be supported no matter what and that the FA was doing a great job.
The FA insisted that they have not contacted Mourinho or even drawn up a shortlist which sounds a bit disingenuous and more an attempt at containing rumours.
Lets recap how much things have changed in a year and a half.
During the Sven Goran Erickson transition, there was a constant toss up between Curbishley, Allardyce, McLaren, O’Neill, and Pearce becoming the next England manager. Bookies were constantly changing odds each day. A stark reminder of how the England job is now viewed with most English candidates distancing themselves from the job. The FA shortlist is probably filled with foreign candidates unless Allardyce is kicked out Newcastle, which might push him up the ranks, should he show interest in the job.
I still think there dissension within the FA as sentimental reasons dictate that a homegrown candidate will be infinitely preferable. With xenophobic statements now ping ponging around the soccer establishment of how foreign players have led to a ‘meltdown’ in English soccer, there is a debate being fueled between nativists and pragmatists as to the future of the English game. Who knew that 200 years ago when English missionaries brought the game to the Brazilian shores that this scenario would be played out in John Bull? Its come full circle.
Whatever comes of the search, the key is to get the best candidate. There is no scope for sentiment and who is to say that an foreign coach will not be successful when results are what counts and not some abstract “Englishness” of the game.
And in another reminder of how strait jacketed English perceptions are, here is Big Phil Scolari.
“That hypocrisy that someone who’s born here is a saint and someone born on the other side of the Atlantic is a devil, that doesn’t exist.
“It’s time to stop that clown show. I’m just like anybody else, I’ve got two legs, two arms and a head.”
It was part of a Beeb article exposing the madcap and bizarre world of Scolari. Some of it is. But the Beeb was more concerned about the image of the coach, not the game. It just led credence to Scolari’s above statement. But you know what, I think Big Phil is lighting up a cigar and having a hearty guffaw. As bizarre and madcap as he appears to be, he has always had England’s number.
Portugal is in. England is out.

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3 comments on “Jose Mourinho: Why not? A step closer to managing England
  1. This whole “meltdown” thing was rubbish. Sure, I don’t think it could be a good thing that only 38% of the EPL is English, but at the same time, maybe the English in general should stop being so xenophobic and not only stop blaming foreigners for their problems, but encourage the English to travel. Frankly, the English should be embarrassed by how bad they are in other leagues. It’s pathetic they can’t adapt to any other league, but with their stiff upper lip, it doesn’t matter. Things have always been this way in England, and always will. The sensationalist media control the average fans way of thinking, and they, in turn, control the FA. If they hadn’t been so insistent on an English manager last time, they probably would’ve qualified. Arsene Wenger said it well. From ’66 to ’96 they had almost all English players, and won nothing. In fact, they didn’t qualify for the ’74, ’78 or ’94 World Cups and missed the ’76 and ’84 European Championships.

  2. Hi. Good article there but I think FA must really consider Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini’s suggestion. If FA insists on using foreigners, including their national team’s coach, they will be too commercial. They have been going too far, from my point of view. Do you realise Premier League is far more expensive than other leagues on this planet? Why? Because of foreigners. I think many children (outside England) won’t be able to watch Premier League again because it will be too expensive in the next 10 years. If Jose Mourinho becomes the next coach, we must remember his wage (5 million pounds). FA will raise Premier League commercial value again if they appoint Jose Mourinho as their next coach. I think England have lost its identity in football. Try to follow Italy who are still proud of their Italians coaches and players.
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  3. Ruddy
    It’s encouraging anyone to follow Italy is some of the worst advice I can think of. The league is full of violence, politics and cheating. The skill level has gone down considerably, the league looks to be Inter’s for a few years to come. Yes, Italy won the World Cup, but they were lucky, and just as easily could’ve gone out to Australia. Plus, look at the manager they had in Lippi. No English manager is half as good as him.
    And the reason the FA should have a foreign coach is because there are no great English managers. Honestly, do you think any English manager in the world could handle managing United, Chelsea, Barcelona, AC Milan, or any world class team? Not a chance. Big Sam is the best they have, and success under him would be a long shot at best. Foreigners are not hurting the English game, because on paper, England are one of the top 5 teams in the world. The problem isn’t lack of talent, it’s lack of mentality. They need a top manager, regardless of nationality to get the lazy players in gear, keep egos in check, and finally give England a style of their own, whether it be attacking football, or defensive football, because right now they just play long ball, and it’s useless.

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