Kaka’s achievements reveal FIFA bias

Kaka won the FIFA best player award as he beat out Ronaldo and Leo Messi. Maybe he deserved it but it is no secret that Sepp Blatter and FIFA heavily weight CL and the Club World Championship titles above domestic and regional titles. The CWC is a championship that one rarely watches but the current edition is Sepp Blatter’s brainchild, restarted after five years with 7 teams representing their respective conferences. In some warped way it represents his ambition to see lightweight conferences achieve some sort of parity with the heavyweight conferences. So far the David Goliath feel good factor has been missing.
Go to the website where glowing recommendations like “Kaka does the honours”, “Kaka soars above the competition”, “Milan lights up Yokohama”, “Dominant Milan rule the world” and you realize that the FIFA best player award is a foregone conclusion. It does not make a difference that the player who actually led Boca to the CWC, single handedly winning the Copa Libertadores title was not even there. He is in the midst of a contract dispute with Villareal.
Ronaldo might be responsible for winning the Premiership for Man Utd but the Red Devils did not win the CL and if they had then we would have seen Ronaldo’s name substituted for Kaka’s and he would have been crowned king on the basis of two matches. Leo Messi might have actually played for Argentina in the Copa America, the competition that Kaka cried off citing fatigue and led them to the final. They did not win. End of story.
Its a simple formula really – win CL, win CWC, win best player award. The website really does that best.

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2 comments on “Kaka’s achievements reveal FIFA bias
  1. Yes! I agree with you on every account. It’s so political. I personally think Messi and Ronaldo are both better than Kaka, but despite the fact that he was average in Serie A, won player of the year. Ah well, I think he’s a better pick than Cannavaro.

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