Video: James Harper buries Liverpool

Liverpool’s comprehensive defeat again raises questions for Rafa Benitez’s American handlers. Steven Gerrard continues his awful form and a slow reacting Liverpool defence struggled to contain a hungry Reading team. Full marks to James Harper who just blew by Riise and in a cool finish ended Liverpool’s undefeated run. Here is Nicky Shorey’s wondrous free kick (Doyle connection) and Nicky Hunt’s penalty.
Gerrard’s equalizer restored some hope to the Reds before Doyle put Reading ahead and Harper sealed the win.

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One comment on “Video: James Harper buries Liverpool
  1. Take nothing away from them? I’m sorry but any team sport game has to have accountability from the players and Liverpool didn’t take advantage of their opportunities. That’s why they lost. I’m never a fan of people who blame “tactics”. It’s truly about the players on the pitch. The manager can only do so much.

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