Dispiriting news: Usmanov becomes Arsenal’s largest shareholder

You can put lipstick on a pig……
Corpulent shareholder Alisher Usmanov has become Arsenal’s largest shareholder, moving past Danny Fizsman, positioning himself for a club takeover. His takeover will pave the way for David Dein.
Remember how Dein had used the Henry transfer to justify that the wheels were falling off, surreptitiously maneuvering a takeover, first with Kroenke and now with Usmanov.
Usmanov’s potential buyout benefits no one, least of all the club, as it has gained financial strength (Arsenal climbed to 5th in the world’s richest clubs) without a takeover. Furthermore, Arsenal is in a good position to win silverware this year without adding any costly transfers to the squad. The financial future of the club remains strong.
We should remember that Arsenal has managed very well without these so called well wishers. The club should not be used by those who want to whitewash their baggage.

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