Drogba denied award – says its not cricket.

Drogba was victim of some dastardly deviation from the straight and narrow when he was denied the chance to win the CAF’s African Player of the Year Award.It went instead to the former Tottenham Hotspur forward Frederic Kanoute.
This not because Frederic was better but because Drogba did not agree to travel to Togo to be present at the awards ceremony.
Drogba was told that if he didn’t appear at the ceremony the rules would be changed and that he would no longer be first and that the prize would go to the runner-up, Frederic Kanoute.
Ghana’s Michael Essien also took permission from his team to attend the function, and came in second.
Drogba has slammed CAF’s decision to organise the function in Togo when the top African players are currently in Ghana, and focusing on their national teams.
Drogba said “If I refused to go to Lome it was first for my teammates as you don’t organise such an event just two days before a quarter-final (Sunday’s game against Guinea).I didn’t go as well because of the son of Ulrich Stilieke has died.”
There seems to have been more than a little bit of politics involved and Drogba has withdrawn his name from all future African awards.

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