More lip flapping by Sir Alex

The reports are that Sir Alex is drooling over Karem Benzema and has made signing him a priority this summer. He saw an electrifying Benzema stick it to Man U before Tevez bailed them out again.
Jean Michel Aulas, Lyons owner and one of the shrewdest deal makers, says bring it on. He is used to smelling desperation in the morning. After all he made Roman Abramovich sweat bullets over the Michael Essien deal. Expect the same for Benzema.
But Aulas is being himself. What really gets your goat is Sir Alex prostrating himself to get Benzema. It was not so long ago when Gallas’ equalizer got his lips flapping over the demise of the English game, blaming it on Wenger and his damn foreigners. He led a chorus of managers who said the same. A nice photo op with Sepp Blatter establishing quotas followed. It made you think the saviour of the English game was going to go to Shropshire to sign the first person with boots on. Yeah, right.
Can we kill this meme. Sir Alex is as interested in saving English soccer as Dylan Thomas was in keeping a story straight.

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