Hawkeye is dead in the water

Goal line technology has been kicked out of football for the forseeable future.The IFAB’s 11th-hour change of heart, at a conference in Gleneagles, was a big shock to FA chief executive Brian Barwick.He described goal-line technology as “dead in the water
Most angry of all was Hawk-Eye managing director Paul Hawkins, who was encouraged 10 days ago to press ahead with his research during a private showing for IFAB members at Reading’s Madjeski Stadium. “I am livid,” Hawkins said. “This decision is completely out of the blue. A year ago they laid down four specific criteria and now they change their minds. My company has invested an awful lot of money and now we will get no return on our investment.”
Blatter said that the whole thing was simply too complicated.Here’s some Blattertalk doubletalk.
“There has been no change of heart. Referees make decisions, not machines,” he said. “I have defended goal-line technology but it has become clear that such systems are too complicated and very costly. Nor would they necessarily add anything positive to the game and could harm the authority of the referee.”
“We have to maintain the laws of the game in their simplicity. Do you want technical devices to take decisions? That’s why, after three years of tests with no conclusions, I am in favour of putting the whole thing on ice.”
But here’s what Premier League general secretary Mike Foster says: “The Premier League had wanted to have this in place for the 2009-10 season.
“The clubs had been driving this and they had been more anxious than anyone to have a system in place. The referees were all in favour as well.”

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