US women win the Algarve Cup

The U.S. Women’s National Team beat Denmark, 2-1 to win the 2008 Algarve Cup.This marked USA’s sixth straight appearance in the Algarve Cup title game and its sixth Algarve Cup championship overall, winning in 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and now 2008.For those among you (like me) who had not heard of the Algarve Cup till yesterday here are some Wikipedia facts.
The Algarve Cup is a global invitational tournament for national teams in women’s football (soccer). Held annually in the Algarve region of Portugal since 1994, it is one of the most prestigious women’s football events, alongside the Women’s World Cup and Women’s Olympic Football. Currently, 12 teams are invited, with the top eight competing for the championship. The teams are divided into three groups of four — A, B and C. Group C was added in 2002 to provide second-tier teams with high-level match experience every year. The most successful teams have been the USA with six titles and Norway with four. Norway’s titles all came in the early years of the tournament, while the USA have won all their titles in the 2000s, including five in six years since 2003. Sweden and China, also traditional powers in the women’s game, have won two titles each, while current FIFA Women’s World Cup holders Germany have won once. The USA, Norway and Germany are (so far) the only nations to win both the FIFA World Cup and the Algarve Cup.

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  1. Im from Valencia (Spain) and I would love to go to the Algarve cup, Please,I would like to know where can I buy the tickets, how much are they and the dates of the matches. I hope to hear from you soon, I can’t find this information in the internet and Iam looking forward to assist to this great cup.
    Thank you very much. Miriam

  2. Miriam,
    The 2010 Algarve Cup will be held from Feb 24th to March 3d at Algarve, Portugal. Here is the contact number of the Estadio Algarve which is the main venue
    Empresa de Concepção, Execução e Gestão do Parque das Cidades Loulé / Faro , EEIM Estádio Algarve/Parque das Cidades 8135-014 Almancil
    Tel: 00 351 289893200
    Fax: 00 351 289893201
    Here is an external link which gives you the ticketing info:

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