New Europass ball does not impress the goalies

The new “Europass” match ball of Bayer material is supposed to combine outstanding flight characteristics with greater power transmission and control.
The ball has 14 panels in the shapes of tongues and propellers and only 24 junction points when assembled.There is a change in the exterior structure – called PSC-Texture. Nubs resembling goose bumps on the surface layer give the ball more power and swerve. The larger surface of attack and contact surface allow the players to control the ball more precisely in all types of weather. “PSC” stand for Power-Swerve-Control, which means optimized power transmission, more spin and greater precision – which makes it sound like something that should be part of a new car engine.And what do the goalkeepers say ?
For now Lehmann and Buffon remain skeptical and unimpressed.

One comment on “New Europass ball does not impress the goalies
  1. Another new football – Nike will succeed where Adidas failed.

    The fabled new Europass ball was perhaps much ado about nothing.77 goals were scored in the tournament.This was exactly the same as the number of goals scored in Euro 2004 The all time record of 85 goals was scored…

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