Another new football – Nike will succeed where Adidas failed.

The fabled new Europass ball was perhaps much ado about nothing.77 goals were scored in the tournament.This was exactly the same as the number of goals scored in Euro 2004 The all time record of 85 goals was scored in the euro 2000 championships.So Adidas’ tall claims that the ball was the most incredible piece of technical wizardry since Harry Potter’s broom were exactly that – tall claims. Lehmann’s fears that the ball would float like a butterfly and sting like a bee proved pretty unfounded.In fact the ball didn’t seem to move around much.Only 2 goals came off free kicks and in both cases the wicked swerve predicted by Adidas and anticipated by Lehmann did not occur.Ballack scored one – and his free kick powered its way into the goal through a gap in the wall.There was a swerve in the second one from the France Italy game. But that swerve came from a deflection off poor Thierry Henry’s farewell boot.
However for the next PL season Nike are going to succeed where Adidas failed.They too have invented a new football – This one is designed to take it to the next level – constructed with engineered hexagons and pentagons, with a 360-degree sweet-spot. It’s advanced technology ensures that all the pieces of the ball are stitched evenly together to make an as-close-to-perfect sphere as possible.It is a ball that is going to push the boundaries for consistency, accuracy and visibility.On top all that it also has red stripe on it to help players make split second judgements The Star Trek fans will say ” It’s a ball that is going to boldly go where no ball has gone before”……………!
Lehmann is maintaining a dignified silence on this one – so far.!

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