Too fat to play professional football

Michael Keane of St Patrick’s Athletic has been sacked for tucking in too much into the starchy foods.As a teenager, Keane had been tipped for big things after breaking into the first team at Preston North End.He took the tip too literally and went ahead and became bigger and now finds himself too large altogether.
His football skills diminished and his resemblance to a football increased.
Keane received a letter from his club earlier this year instructing him to lose weight and was given a target to aim towards. Failing to meet that goal was the reason offered for his dismissal. In his defence, the player will argue that he hasn’t missed a training session during his time with the club. Should the Saints survive any appeal decision by Keane then it could prove to be a landmark case. The PFAI fear that other clubs would use it as a reference point for removing players from their wage bill.

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