10 ways to make football a better game….

By Bill Edgar .. in the Times
1 Scrap the away goals rule and penalty shoot-outs in two-legged games.
2 Use goal difference before head-to-head records.
3 Introduce “celebration time” and remove punishments.
4 Book players for ANY dissent.
5 Scrap the rule that forces injured players to leave the pitch after receiving treatment before re-entering the field.
6 If a player falls to the ground and stays down apparently injured for, say, three seconds, the referee should stop the game immediately.
7 Players must retreat ten yards at a free kick within five seconds.
8 Dismiss goalkeepers for encroachment at a penalty.
9 Suspensions for an accumulation of non-bookable fouls conceded.
10 Scrap offside.
He forgot number 11 – Get rid of Sepp Blatter.
But Football is going to be a better game already.That’s what Sir Alex Fer is hoping for as Ronaldo heads back into action 2 weeks ahead of schedule…

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