Freddy Shepherd maybe back in the mix

It seems that Freddy Shepherd is feeling his way back to Newcastle. And he says that Ashley should reinstall Kevin Keegan.
Shepherd really brings a lot of baggage and I don’t think this is a good move. He held the fans and the players in contempt while at Newcastle. And he never once took responsibility for getting it wrong.
Some memorable Freddy highlights:

“Newcastle fans are mugs for paying £30.00 for shirts that cost us £5.00 to make.”

“Alan Shearer, he’s boring isn’t he? We call him Mary Poppins.” – Freddy Shepherd and partner in crime Douglas Hall insult Newcastle’s then new £15m man
“Geordie women are dogs” – Freddy Shepherd and partner in crime Douglas Hall on why they prefer the company of the opposite sex in a Marbella brothel to their ‘own’ womenfolk back home.
But here is the killer:
“But there is no one to blame for us not getting other players in before the transfer deadline. It’s the window to blame. It is absolutely ridiculous and really a restriction of trade and I would like to see somebody challenging it.” – Freddy blames this summer’s transfer window debacle on the transfer window.

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