Mourinho gets threat – hugs Ibramovich

The two stories are not connected.Inter Milan defeated Catania 2 -1 on saturday.Mourinho being Mourinho said at at the end that they could have won the game 5 -1.That didn’t go down so well.Catania chief executive Pietro Lo Monaco replied that Mourinho had insulted all of Catania and should have “his teeth smashed in.”
Disciplinary things are being followed up by the parties concerned.
The hug story comes at the end of the Inter Milan- Panathinaikos CL game.It ended on a happier note without any threats to anyone – and hugs instead.Ibramovich ended up getting the praise of both coaches at the end of the game.
“I think we played against the best striker in the world right now. He is fantastic at holding the ball up and giving his fellow players time.” – Henk Ten Cate
“Zlatan is fantastic and that is why I hugged him at the end of the game.Zlatan doesn’t need to score in order to be a key player.” – Mourinho

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