Alecko Eskandarian undoes his former club

Alecko Eskandarian, the ex DC United player has been Preki’s go to guy
Chivas vs DC United’s encounter boiled down to which team would rally better from missing key personnel.
Injuries and suspensions have crippled DC United’s bright start to the season when Luciano Emilio was virtually unstoppable. Jaime Moreno’s suspension meant that the potent one-two strike force was missing. Ben Olsen’s injury also left a hole in midfield. Marcel Gallardo just recovering from an adductor strain was pressed into midfield service. Thabiso Kumalo and Santino Quaranta replaced Moreno and Emilio.
As DC United’s hopes took a dive, Chivas hopes for a playoff berth rose with three straight wins after their inglorious drubbing at the hands of the Revs. They too were missing Zach Thornton, Ante Razov, Paulo Nagamura, Raphael Wicky, Maykel Galindo, and Jonathan Bornstein amongst others. Preki had to rejigger his defense introducing Shavar Thomas and Claudio Suarez. Dan Kennedy took over goal keeping duties from Zach Thornton.
They were also going up against their poor record at RFK.
But Alecko Eskandarian, the former DC United player, and a fan favourite in their 4 seasons for them, was Chivas answer to these concerns.
Preki’s acquisition of Sasha Victorine and Dejair also proved crucial. Crayton’s bewildering giveaway had Dejair’s setting up Eskandarian’s strike against his former club. Eskandarian had a part in the second goal as his cracking shot was spilled by Crayton which a prowling Victorine gratefully accepted. And in the 68th minute Dejair put the ball away after Peralta and Crayton’s lack of communication failed to deal with Eskandarian’s probing long ball. Thereafter it was some fine keeping from Dan Kennedy to keep the expected United surge at bay. It did not get better for Tim Soehn’s club as Gallardo and Fred went off the field after aggravating their injuries. It was left to Quaranta and Peralta who tried everything at their disposal but failed to get their team on the board.

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