Mark Hughes for Spurs job: Deja vu all over again

Remember last season when Spurs boss Daniel Levy went behind Martin Jol’s back and claimed that he had not offered Juande Ramos the job even as the Sevilla manager contradicted his statement that the club had made a “dizzying” offer. Jol left with a bad taste in his mouth.
Looks like the Spurs have the shiv out for Juande Ramos.
It is happening again. All of this does nothing except reflect poorly on the club. Ramos was Comolli’s choice. If Ramos goes then Comolli should be thrown out on his ear too. His acquisition of Darren Bent for a mind boggling £16.5 million now appears to be a criminal waste. Levy has said that he will hold Comolli responsible if Ramos did not work out. It is time for Levy to put up or shut up.
Spurs seems to be going Newcastle’s way of never being satisfied with their managers.

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