Martin Samuel cries foul

Evincing a genuine concern about mounting debt in the EPL unleashes an unhinged rant from Martin Samuel on Lord Triesman. I wonder why he even bothers to call him Lord PleasedMan. Lets just call him Lord Treason since Samuel keeps playing up his former Communist Party ties. Sure, the EPL is the cynosure of the soccer world but so was the US in the global economy. And that’s gone swimmingly well, hasn’t it?
The connection to the EPL is not hard to make. Banks lend money to clubs and insurance companies underwrite those loans. When there is a credit crisis it affects clubs which are already deep in debt. The one who keep their head afloat in a crisis are the one who manage their debt not add on to it. Simple. Its amazing that liberals bring up the issue of fiscal prudence while right wingers want to keep on spending like drunken sailors. Even a trogdolyte recognizes the need for reform.
I think I will take Brian Glanville’s word on Brian Barwick over Martin Samuel who bemoaned Barwick’s departure. Triesman was right to boot out Barwick, a good friend of the EPL, not so much of the national squad. Barwick would be well known for his short shrift of the national squad, his timorous coaching selections, and his bottom line on TV deals.
Samuel praises Bill Miller, Texas lobbyist. The appellation should raise a red flag, especially on how money influences politics. It is the old boys network. This Bill Miller. Samuel’s argument against Triesman is thoroughly undercut.

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