Spurs: There is no shame losing to Udinese

The bottom ranked team in the EPL loses to the second ranked Serie team. Udinese reminds one of what the Spurs looked like a couple of seasons ago as they provided the players that could be deemed the future English squad. Now they are a polyglot of ill fitting foreign players, toothless on offense and waffling on defense. Such a display led Woodgate to promise bodily harm to his fellow players.
At this point, there is no shame losing to Udinese. They represent the future of the Italian squad. A number of U21 players like defenders Damiano Ferronetti, Andrea Coda; midfielder Gabriele D’Agostino; strikers Fabio Quaglierella and Simon Pepe have found their way into the club squad. Some of them have already transitioned into the national squad with Quaglierella included in Italy’s Euro 2008 team. Pepe, the ex-Palermo striker has caught Marcelo Lippi’s eye in Italy’s quest for World Cup qualifications. Quaglierella is supported in the slot by Antonio Di Natale who has already seen extensive international experience.

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