Chelsea: Here is what resiliency looks like

Player Injury Expected return
F Lampard Rib Injury 22nd Nov 08
P Cech Thigh Muscle Strain 22nd Nov 08
F Di Santo Hamstring Injury 14th Dec 08
Alex Thigh Muscle Strain 6th Dec 08
J Belletti Ankle/Foot Injury 22nd Nov 08
A Cole Calf Muscle Strain 22nd Nov 08
R Carvalho Thigh Muscle Strain 22nd Nov 08
J Cole Ankle/Foot Injury 22nd Nov 08
M Essien ACL Knee Injury Mar 09
Nine players out through injuries. 7 starters including their top goalie and defenders. Chelsea sits at the top of the table with 10 wins with just one loss having scored 32 goals and conceding only four. A goal differential of + 28. Compare this to Liverpool’s +13, Man U’s +15, and Arsenal +10 and you begin to appreciate the depth of their squad. Nicholas Anelka has rendered Drogba’s injuries and expected suspension moot.

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