Liverpool out of Carling Cup….

The Sparkling Spurs gave Liverpool a 4 -2 beating – their second victory over them in the last so many days.Ho hum.The other more interesting news out of Liverpool is that Eleanor Rigby may have been found at long last – and may have been a scullery maid working for the City Hospital in Parkhill, who signed her name “E. Rigby”What’s that got to do with soccer?” you may well ask.Well -in the summer of 1966, after the England team beat West Germany to win the World Cup, the Beatles scored yet another No 1 with the Eleanor Rigby song.
So there’s your connection.
(And besides that the real Eleanor Rigby may well have been in the stands and maybe she knows if that famous goal really went over the line or not…………..! )

12th Nov Spurs 4-2 Liverpool – video powered by Metacafe

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