Maradona might blow his latest shot at redemption..

I was under the impression that it was just the hand that had divine properties.Apparently the rest of him is also worship worthy and there is a church dedicated to him that has been around for the last 10 years……..!
The Church of Maradona call him D10S – Spanish for “God” and the title incorporates the player’s jersey number “10.” – which come to think of it – is pretty neat.
It is in Rosario, a port city to the north of Buenos Aires and has swelled to more than 120,000 members. Maradona’s 48th birthday – D.D. 48 (“Despues,” or “After” Diego) – was celebrated in the church by about 300 fans carrying relics including a football crowned with thorns and a “goalary,” an oversized rosary, with 34 beads – the number of goals Maradona scored for Argentina.
“Baptism” for new members involves slamming a football with their hand, in homage to the original divine goal scored with the original divine hand.
“It’s in each and over one of us to believe in Maradona,” said member David Orlando, 28. “I would have to live 20,000 years to do everything he did.”
Well the latest things the great man is doing have started a round of rumours that he is ready to quit the coach’s job – almost before he has got started.

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