Maradona: The telenovela: Hoopla

Diego Maradona landed in Scotland just before Wednesday’s game and with a curt “I don’t speak English” blew by TV crews, hundreds of reporters, and throngs of adoring fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the most famous name in soccer. (Video here)
He was protected by a dozen police officers and private security guards who escorted him to a waiting bus. A few lucky fans got jerseys and posters signed sending them into raptures.
All this Scottish adoration is thanks due to the “Hand of God” goal that shattered England’s 1986 World Cup hopes. Maradona had made an earlier stop in England to Liverpool and Man Utd’s training facilities which had players lining up to pay unabashed homage. His trip included tapping Mascherano for the captaincy and some career counseling for Tevez who appears to be anxious about his place on the Man U squad.
But there were others not so forgiving including Terry Butcher, the Tartans assistant manager. “I’ll never forgive him. It’s not nice to lose a World Cup quarter-final under those circumstances, but that was 22 years ago and this isn’t about that game.” Butcher has not resolved the trauma of his flailing legs fruitlessly chasing Maradona on his way to his second goal. You Tube preserves Butcher’s agony.
In the midst of all this Maradona has filed a court case against Google to stop links to pornographic websites that appear to contain images of him.
The match is of secondary importance. Scotland might lose which would make Butcher very unhappy but for many fans it will be a small price to pay to catch a first glimpse of the man who provided them fond memories of England eating humble pie.

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