Video:The maddest two minutes in the history of soccer…

You have to see this to believe it.The game is between Mazara and Villabate in the Sicilian League of Excellence [This wonderfully exalted title for the league adds even more drama to the story].Mario Erbini scores for Mazara – brillantly connecting with a free kick and guiding the ball in.Erbini’s goal celebration involved running towards the halfway line, with the majority of his teammates chasing after him wanting to show their appreciation for his effort.The next part is the the tragi – comic bit.The referee,quietly,and for no apparent reason – disallowed the goal and allowed Villabate allowed to restart play immediately.
The Mazara team were still celebrating when Villabate striker Tummarello beat the the Mazara goalie from 35-yards out.Goal allowed this time.
The excellent Sicilian tempers boiled over and the ref got chased around the field and needed police protection to avoid being lynched.This needs to go into the record books as the maddest two minutes in the history of soccer..

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