2009 is a nightmare year for Goalkeepers so far….

Here’s another case of butterfingers…Porto goalie Helton makes a complete hash of stopping a ball that an optically challenged five year old would have gathered with ease.

The reason some other butterfingered goalkeepers are waking up screaming can be viewed here,here and also here .

One comment on “2009 is a nightmare year for Goalkeepers so far….
  1. That was a disastrous offering by Helton. The funny thing is that his teammates as well as the fans graciously accepted his apologies, and his name was chanted for some time to give him the encouragement he needed. In any case, Porto will play the second leg at home with 2 away goals to their name. This may prove to be invaluable in the course of events that are set to take place in two weeks time.

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