Red card mayhem in Brazil – new world record ?

What’s the record for maximum number of red cards in a game ?Here’s a contender.7 red cards had to be dished out before order could be restored between Brasil and Ulbra in the Rio Grande do Sul championship, one of the regional tournaments which kick off the Brazilian season.
The trouble ensured when Rogerio Pereira scored the final goal in Ulbra’s 5-2 away win and went to celebrate in front of the Brasil supporters. He apparently made a gesture imitating Claudio Millar – one of three Brasil players killed in January when the team bus was involved in an accident. Danrlei suggested after the match that Pereira had deliberately provoked the home fans. All hell broke loose and the riot police had to be called in.When reports last came in they were still trying to kick each other.[The players – not the riot police]

And while on the subject of red card records here’s one that we missed out on soccerblog- one that’s going to be really really hard to beat.David Pratt has the dubious honour of receiving the world’s fastest red card .He managed the feat in THREE seconds.That was in December last year.

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  1. What happens when this many red cards are given? Is there a minimum number of players that a team must be allowed to play?

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