Platini gives thumbs down to technology

Michel Platini’s controversial plan to use two extra assistants to rule on disputed goals could be in place by the 2012 European Championship.
His basic idea is this.
Putting more humans on to the field is going to decrease human error.
No need to put in technology that will decrease the number of errors without raising the number of officials on the field beyond the the traditional one referee and two linesmen.
It doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Perhaps it’s a devious way of providing unemployment to out of work refs till as long as the recession lasts.
If he keeps this up we may eventually get to see one ref per player.20 players running around with 20 chaps dressed in black running around behind them armed with whistles making sure they keep the law.Two more chaps dressed in black standing in each goal to make sure the goalies don’t get up to any monkey tricks……..!

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