What Robinho should have done

The secret formula for the perfect penalty – discovered at last.A discovery that has got to rank way up there with the major scientific breakthroughs of all time like the unravelling of the genetic code and the invention of sliced bread etc.Here it is in layman terms.
The SHOT should be 65mph or more. This requires a RUN-UP of five to six paces, commencing from the edge of the 18-yard line — approaching the ball at an ANGLE of 20 to 30 degrees.
It must CROSS the goal line at exactly 0.5m below crossbar and 0.5m inside either post.
That’s it.
You can take a look at the diagrams and things here..
Meanwhile you can take a look at this video to see Robinho demostrating how a perfect penalty should not be taken – about 1 min 19 seconds into the video.

One comment on “What Robinho should have done
  1. This certainly is one of the greatest discoveries ever made. Are they nominated for the Nobel price?
    Anyway, nice post and I liked the explaining image.

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