Arsenal: This will be one bloody end to the season

April 21st:Arsenal meet Liverpool
May 10th: Arsenal meet Chelsea
May 16th: Arsenal meet Man Utd
Throw the CL semi-final legs into the mix and every Gunner will be able to tell you the exact number of hairs in Ronaldo’s nose by season end.
All this is going to get, up close and personal. Arsenal is playing kingmaker and the clubs in title contention are aware that a loss to the Gunners is probably going to spell doom for their chances in the Premiership.
Liverpool are going to be under pressure right away with the 21st April match against Arsenal as Man U should have an easy time against Portsmouth. A loss would push the Reds back four points. A draw would not do as much damage and a win would essentially keep them breathing hard on Man U’s shoulder.
Things get very interesting in the second week of May. Chelsea visit Arsenal on May 10th. On that day Man U host City. That day could decide Chelsea’s title hopes. 13th May, Man U travel to Wigan. Liverpool and Chelsea will be watching that game very closely because Man U’s one game advantage ends that day. With a normalized point total the path to the title becomes clearer.
The Wigan game segues into the grueling game against Arsenal on the 16th of May. That will be the Red Devils 3rd game in less than a week. With the CL fixture, their 4th in 11 days. Liverpool and Chelsea will probably hope that tiredness will cause less alacrity on the field and yield a favourable result. Should Man U fall, their games against West Brom and Rovers next day should set up a fascinating finale on the last day of the Premiership.
It will probably come down to goal difference. Liverpool has an advantage and it needs one because they also have the toughest opposition in Spurs as compared to the other two clubs who have Hull City and Sunderland.

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2 comments on “Arsenal: This will be one bloody end to the season
  1. Sharad
    Spurs have a better record compared to Hull and Sunderland, both are in danger of relegation. And they have responded well under Redknapp.
    So yes, Liverpool underestimates them at their own peril.

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