Becks tops richest soccer player list

”David Beckham will have a greater impact on soccer in America than any athlete has ever had on a sport globally,” said Timothy J. Leiweke, president and CEO of AEG, the sports and entertainment conglomerate that operates the Galaxy. “David is truly the only individual that can build the bridge between soccer in America and the rest of the world.”
MLS might have in a delusion of grandeur anointed him saviour of US soccer but Beckham is not complaining. This is one retiree who will not have to work again. The LA Galaxy stint has swollen his bank account even as he has become indispensable to Carlo Ancelotti’s title aspirations.
“Although the former English team captain has scored just five goals in 30 games during his first two seasons with the Galaxy, the move across the pond has proved to be a financial windfall: Of the $95 million he has earned during the past two years, $66 million come from endorsement contracts, including Adidas, Armani and Motorola.”
Only Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan pulled in more endorsement money. They however, unlike Beckham, proved to be more transformational in their sports without it ever being part of the suggested resume.

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