2 comments on “Howard Webb and Gomes sink Spurs
  1. While the penalty shouldn’t have been, there shouldn’t be this misplaced notion that Spurs would’ve won the game had it not been for Howard Webb.
    United were very close to scoring before the penalty, and obviously scored 4 times afterward. Also, if one wants to talk about bad decisions by Howard Webb, why wasn’t Wilson Palacios sent off in the first half, for a lunge on Ronaldo? That tackle could’ve been a repeat of what happened to Eduardo. Surely Spurs wouldn’t have scored 2 when down to 10 men.
    These arguments are silly just for that reason. No one can really say what would and wouldn’t have happened.
    The media went up in arms because they are making it quite clear that they want Liverpool to win the title. Even as a United fan I don’t mind that, as they’ve been winning a lot of trophies lately and I can perfectly understand why people are sick of it.
    I just feel that people need to use a bit of common sense and not blame Howard Webb for Spurs’ pathetic second half performance. The turning point in the game wasn’t the penalty, it was the introduction of Carlos Tevez.

  2. Andrew
    I was being a bit tongue in cheek. Spurs did not lose the game because of a bad call. But my point is that Man Utd somehow always manages to pull out these wins when necessary. The call by Webb fits in with that theme. Just two weeks ago, they were stumbling badly, and the title was in danger.

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